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99 Names of ALLAH

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Zakat Calculator

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6 Kalimas

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Alarms and Reminders

Set custom notifications for for prayer timings, daily verses, snooze etc.

Daily Verse of the Holy Quran

Rejuvenate your faith with a daily verse from the Holy Scriptures.

Today Widget

Access Qibla Direction, Prayer Timings and Daily Verse from the Today Widget.

Authentic Weather Forecast

Stay updated with weather conditions expected for upcoming prayers.


Muslim Mate is an extensive Islamic mobile application available on iOS that intends to serve as a thorough Islamic resource. From prayer timings to Islamic events and from Islamic calendar to the Holy Quran, the app is a treasure trove of authentic Islamic information and knowledge as and when required.

Why Choose Us

Complete Holy Quran with Translations and Transliterations

Read Al-Quran with Customizable style/script, font and font size; and organize your reading with bookmarks. With intensive Arabic options present in the app, you can search through Arabic text as well as language translations. You also get to download and manage audio recitations and multi-lingual translations.

Dutifully Observe the Pillars of Islam

Seek the pleasure of Allah the most Merciful by observing the essentials of Islam:

Testimony of Faith – Listen to the glorious recitations of the 6 Kalimahs

Establish your daily Prayers – Never miss a prayer through our reliable prayer timings notifications and determine the precise location of Qibla with our Qibla Direction.

Self Purification through Fasting – Steadfastly observe fast during the holy month of Ramadan and keep track of Sehri and Iftar timings

Concern for and Alms Giving to the Needy –  Purify your possessions by giving Zakat figured out by our accurate Zakat calculator.

Extol Your Mighty Creator

The digital version of our Tasbih lets you perform dhikr of your Mighty Creator and keep track of your recitations. You can also listen to the awe-inspiring recitations of Asma ul Husna.

Stay Abreast of Happenings in the World of Islam

Keep track of the Islamic events all the year round through our Islamic lunar calendar and get to know your nearby centres of Islamic activity with embedded maps including  mosques, Halal restaurants, butcher shops, educational institutions, cultural centres, book stores etc.

Fraternize with Your Muslim Brothers and Sisters

Share Al-Quran verses, Ramadan and prayer time table along with personalized Islamic greeting cards with your loved ones via Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Email.

Muslim Mate on iPad


Muslim Mate could prove to be your trustworthy companion in unlocking the realms of success in this life and the hereafter. Give it a try and your would know for yourself.

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