30 Faith-Stirring Photographs of Muslims Observing Ramadan Around the Globe

30 Faith-Stirring Photographs of Muslims Observing Ramadan Around the Globe

The Holy month of Ramadan is nearing its end. Muslims all over the world fast, from dawn till dusk, during this prestigious month with an aim to attain spiritual, mental and physical benefits. Ramadan is not about bringing a temporary change in the spiritual life of the believers. Rather, this change should transcend all boundaries in a bid to seek the pleasure of our Mighty Creator (SWT). During this Holy month, Muslims are engaged in a variety of religious activities. At the end of the Holy month, Eid-al-Fitr is celebrated with great religious zeal and passion. In this post, we bring to you photographs depicting the diverse ways in which Ramadan is being observed in different parts of the world among the Muslim Ummah.

1 – Iftar and Euro 2016: What a Great Match!


A Tunisian family watches a Euro 2016 football match during Iftar in Tunis. People in Tunisia take Ramadan as a rare opportunity to enjoy some memorable moments with their families. After Iftar, while some youngsters go out at night to attend cultural events, others visit relatives and friends, exchange sweets or watch their favorite television shows. (Image: Fethi Belaid/AFP/Getty Images)

2 – Vendors Await their Customers


Vendors sell food during the holy month of Ramadan in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The local families prepare large platters of food at home while purchasing a few food items from the market to adorn their dining tables. (Image: Francois Nel/Getty Images)

3 – Friday Prayers of Ramadan


Muslims take part in Friday prayers at a mosque in Lahore, Pakistan during the holy fasting month of Ramadan. Ramadan is month in which the believers exercise self-purification and restraint while submitting themselves to extended sessions of prayer and worship before their Mighty Creator (SWT). (Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images)

4 – Open Air Iftar Picnic


Muslims in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan arrive to share a picnic at a park on Nile Street as they break the fast during Ramadan. Sudan is the largest country in Africa and with its diverse culture, it is a continent in microcosm. People in Sudan prefer to have open-air Iftar parties which were originally intended to attract travellers and guests who happened to be passing at sunset. The most common dishes in Ramadan are mulah waika (cooked dry okra) and mulah rob (curdled milk) taken with kisra (omelet-like pancake made of millet or sorghum). (Image: Ebrahim Hamid/AFP/Getty Images)

5 – Beach Side Iftar Party


An Omani family gathers to break its fast at the beach in the capital Muscat during Ramadan. During Ramadan, the work hours in most public and private organizations in Oman are reduced by two to three hours while people meet each other in the night at Majlis to enjoy some food and fresh juice or tea. (Image: Mohammed Mahjoub/AFP/Getty Images)

6 – Kids on their Way to Sell Some Bread


Afghan boys carry traditional Afghani bread, known as Bolani, to sell, during of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, in Kabul, Afghanistan. Crowds of people can be seen buying food items for Iftar for their family in the busy markets of Kabul during Ramadan. (Image: Rahmat Gul/AP Photo)

7 – It’s Nap Time!


A religious student takes a nap in a class during Ramadan, in Peshawar, Pakistan. Ramadan is observed with tremendous religious fervor in Pakistan. (Image: Mohammad Sajjad: AP Photo)

8 – Muslim Men Congregate for Friday Prayers


Muslim men perform Friday prayer near mannequins displaying Islamic clothing at a market in Jakarta, Indonesia. People in Indonesia, usually go to the mall for window shopping and purchasing snacks, which are mostly sweet, to break the fast. (Image: Dita Alangkara/AP Photo)

9 – Recitation of the Holy Book


A man recites the Holy Quran at a mosque during Ramadan, in Peshawar, Pakistan. Muslims indulge themselves in extended sessions of prayer and worship during this Holy month and exercise self-purification and restraint. (Image: Mohammad Sajjad/AP Photo)

10 – People Recite Quran at a Mosque


A man reads the Holy Quran at the Grand Mosque in Sanaa, Yemen. Despite food and financial crisis in the war-torn country, people in Yemen are observing the Holy month with passion. (Image: Mohamed al-Sayaghi/Reuters)

11 – Friday Prayers in London


Muslims attend Friday prayers in the courtyard of a housing estate in east London. Ramadan, this year in the UK, has coincided with the longest daylight hours of the year meaning those observing it have fasted for up to 19 hours a day. (Image: Stefan Wermuth/Reuters)

12 – Kids in Pink Learn How to Pray


Children, outside the Pink mosque in Datu Saudi Ampatuan town, southern Philippines, are taught by an Arabic teacher the proper way of praying on the first day of the holy fasting month of Ramadan. (Image: EPA/Ritchie B. Tongo)

13 – Time for Iftar Shopping


A Muslim woman buys fruit at a market stand for the beginning of Ramadan in Ivory Coast. (Image: Sia Kambou/AFP/Getty Images)

14 – An Outdoor Family Iftar


Malaysian Muslims break their fast on the first day of Ramadan. Ramadan bazaars are organized all over the country where people come together to shop for food and eat. These are set up at about 3 pm although the sunset is until much later. (Image: Manan Vatsyayana/ AFP/Getty Images)

15 – Strife-torn Palestinian Children Welcome Ramadan


Palestinian children take part in a street celebration ahead of Ramadan in Gaza City. (Image: Said Khatib/AFP/Getty Images)

16 – Relentless Faith amidst Atrocities


A Syrian Muslim man reads the Quran at a mosque in Kafr Batna, in rebel-held Eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus. (Image: Amer Almohibany/AFP/Getty Images)

17 – Congregational Iftar Dinner


Thousands of Turkish people break their fast at the Blue Mosque square in Istanbul during the first day of Ramadan. In many parts of Istanbul, as well as all over Turkey, communal iftar dinners are set up for the public to enjoy together. (Image: Ozan Kose/AFP/Getty Images)

18 – Would you have some sweets for Iftar?


A shop owner sells sweets prior to Iftar in the old market in Tripoli, north of Beirut. Ramadan festivities in Lebanon are not restricted to the Muslims only but are celebrated by all the local communities alike. (Image: Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images)

19 – Vermicelli for Suhoor


Pakistani bakers fry vermicelli for customers in preparation for Ramadan. In Pakistan, every morning special foods are served which are unique to this month’s breakfasts only. (Image: Aamir Qureshi /AFP/Getty Images)

20 – Taraweeh Prayers


Muslims perform the first Taraweeh prayer on the eve of Ramadan at the Al-Aqsa Mosque’s yard in Jerusalem, which Muslims believe to be the third-holiest site in Islam. Since many Palestinians get permits to pray in Al-Aqsa mosque, this means that checkpoints are overcrowded, especially on Fridays. (Image: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

21 – Believers Offer Salah


Indonesian Muslims hold prayers to mark the start of Ramadan at the Al Akbar mosque. Iftar is followed by Taraweeh prayers. (Image: Juni Kriswanto/ AFP/Getty Images)

22 – Amazing Discipline and Dedication


Students sit in circles during a Quran recital class at Ar-Raudlatul Hasanah Islamic boarding school in Indonesia. (Image: Binsar Bakkara/AP)

23 – Iftar in America


People gather at Ulu Mosque to break their fast at a fast-breaking dinner. (Image: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

24 – Faithful Worshipping


Muslims perform the first Tarawih prayer at the Martyrdom (Sehitlik) Mosque on the eve of Ramadan. (Image: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

25 – Muslims Recite and Meditate


Men read the Holy Quran at the Grand Mosque during the holy month of Ramadan in the rebel-controlled area of Maaret al-Numan town in Idlib province, Syria. (Image: DawnNews/Reuters)

26 – Battle Hardened Syrians Break their Fast


Syrian Muslim worshippers break the fast with an Iftar dinner distributed by a charity at a mosque in the rebel-controlled town of Hamouria, in the eastern Ghouta region on the outskirts of the capital Damascus. (Image: DawnNews/AFP)

27 – Mosque Illuminated


Indian Muslim children stand, after breaking their fast, on a balcony of the decorated Buddha Tazia Mosque in Allahabad. (Image: DawnNews/AFP)

28 – Picturesque Scenes in Al Aqsa compund


The Dome of the Rock is seen in the background as Palestinians pray on the second Friday of Ramadan in the Al Aqsa compound in Jerusalem’s Old City. (Image: DawnNews/Reuters)

29 – Soldiers Break their Fast with Rubble in the Background


Fighters from the Free Syrian Army sit in front of destroyed buildings as they prepare to break their fast during Ramdaan on the eastern outskirts of the capital Damascus. (Image: DawnNews/AFP)

30 – No War can Make Us Forget our Religious Duties!


Syrians break their fast in the middle of destroyed buildings in Teir Maalah, north of Homs, during Ramadan. (Image: DawnNews/AFP)