5 Best Islamic Cities that Muslim Shopaholics will Love

5 Best Islamic Cities that Muslim Shopaholics will Love

The Muslim population is estimated to constitute 27% of the world’s population by the year 2030. Muslim citizens hailing from fast growing economies form a formidable consumer market and their purchasing decisions are greatly influenced by their religious beliefs. The younger Muslims are more educated than their previous generations and are exposed to higher disposable income which drives their ever-increasing inclinations to travel and shop. Some of the key variables that are likely to pay a pivotal role for the Muslim shoppers in the decision making process regarding an ideal destination for shopping include family friendliness and safety, Halal dining options, accessibility to places of worship, accommodation, means of transportation, average prices, sales seasons, variety and shopping experience. Based on these considerations, we have rounded up the best shopping destinations in Islamic countries for the Muslim shoppers that promise an enjoyable and gratifying shopping experience.

5 – Doha (Qatar)


Home to the richest residents in the world, Qatar in general and Doha in particular has a lot to offer to the Muslim shoppers. You can explore the glitziest of shopping malls or make your way through hip boutiques boasting local designer wear! You’ll find everything there! Souq Waqif is a labyrinthine street market with attractions such as perfumes, handicrafts and jewellery. Pearl-Qatar is a man-made island housing chic boutiques specializing in women’s wear, jewellery and other fashion artifacts. However, the pick of all these malls is the Venetian themed Villagio which offers a magnificent shopping extravaganza for the visitors.

4 – Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)


Your shopping fantasies are definitely going to get a stir with the large, spacious malls with all the international brands stationed in the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The food court located on the third floor of the Al Faisaliah mall is the best in the Kingdom while the Al Mamlaka mall has a section dedicated for the women alone called as the Ladies Kingdom. The Sahara Mall has about 180 shops and the Panorama Mall has a Danube Supermarket boasting plenty of fashion brands.

3 – Dubai (United Arab Emirates)


Dubai is the haven of shopping; there’s nothing you cannot buy while shopping in Dubai. From electronics to jewellery and clothing, everything is there. The Dubai Shopping Festival which is about to kick off this year showcases the most coveted products the Muslim shopaholics would dream of. The Dubai Shopping Mall is home to over a thousand stores, a spectacular four-storey indoor waterfall, a huge aquarium, an Olympic size ski-rink and a staggering number of food outlets. Everything from gold jewelry to gold bars can be found at the Deira Gold Souk. Electronics ranging from computers, home appliances, cameras, smartphones and technological contrivances can be bought at reasonable prices in the Al Fahidi Street.

2 – Istanbul (Turkey)


Shopping centres is a concept that emerged in the 1980s but was readily greeted and embraced by the Turks. Akmerkez is a four storeyed mall in Istanbul was recognized as the best shopping mall in the world in 1996. The Istinye shopping centre offers a variety of outdoor and glass roofed indoor sections such as a green central park, Fashion District, street side shopping, a kids’ entertainment center and 12 movie halls, one of which being IMAX 3D. Kanyon houses world’s most prestigious brands, gourmet restaurants, spas and movie halls.

1 – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Kuala Lumpur

Muslim shopaholics! Come fall in love with this shopping paradise. Kuala Lumpur is home to three of the world’s largest malls. 1 Utama is the fourth largest mall in the world with almost 650 shops, a massive indoor rock climbing facility, rooftop garden and a freshwater aquarium. Every year from November 10 to January 1, a sale is organized which is powerful enough to drive the most ardent of Muslim shoppers mad. High quality shopping and affordable and reasonable prices is what transforms Kuala Lumpur into the most appealing locations for shopping worldwide.