5 Idyllic Locations in Muslim Countries That Will Make You Feel Closer to Allah

5 Idyllic Locations in Muslim Countries That Will Make You Feel Closer to Allah

Allah Almighty has blessed the Muslim countries of the world with a wealth of resources. From vast swathes of desert land housing the world’s biggest oil reserves and astounding beaches of blue colored water, these countries possess marvelous locations of inexplicable splendour which are a testament of the nature’s perfection. In this blog post, we have rounded up the 5 best idyllic locations in the Muslim countries that will make you feel closer to Allah and will certainly make you glorify His mighty name.

5 – Garut (Indonesia)

Garut Indonesia

Garut is an Old Dutch hill station and a characteristic Sundanese town in the highlands, surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, and translucent lakes. The hot springs resort at Cipanas has comfortable accommodations. Mount Papandayan’s crater is one of the most spectacular mountain scenes on Java Island. The inhabitants of Garut are mostly Moslems and more than half of the people live on farming.

4 – Chréa (Algeria)

Chréa (Algeria)

Chrea is a small town in Algeria known as a ski area and nature reserve. In addition to a number of attractions for the skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, being located inside the Chrea National Park, the charismatic resort also offers fabulous mountain forest landscapes and a diverse variety of wildlife.

3 – Ifrane (Morocco)

Ifrane (Morocco)

Termed as the Switzerland of Morocco, Ifrane is located at an altitude of 5,460 feet above sea level. It boasts incredible European styled landscapes and views with with neat red-roofed houses, blooming flower beds, lake-studded parks and snowbound winters. Because of its accessibility, Ifrane serves as the winter playground for the wealthy Berbers from drier sites.

2 – Maxwell Hill in Taiping (Malaysia)

Maxwell Hill in Taiping

Maxwell Hill, or Bukit Larut presents a tremendous attraction for the travellers looking for a retreat at a hill resort. It is known as the wettest part of Malaysia as the site receives the most amount of rain. Maxwell Hill is only accessible either on foot or through the government run four wheel drive vehicles. It is the habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. If you are looking for a quiet and serene place to relax and meditate, to be close to nature or just a getaway from the city, look no more elsewhere because this is the perfect spot for you.

1 – Hunza (Pakistan)


Referred to as heaven on earth, thanks to its jaw-dropping natural beauty and serenity, Hunza is a splendid tourist attraction as it is enveloped by the mammoth Himalayas and the gigantic Karakorum mountain ranges. Several of the peaks surrounding the Hunza valley rise well above 6000 metres. The Baltit castle, above Karimabad, has been through the sands of times for 600 years. On the Karakorum highway, the eye-catching sceneries keep revealing themselves while one can also witness the second longest glacier in Pakistan called the Batura glacier.