5 Ways Muslim Youth can Use Technology to Boost Taqwa

5 Ways Muslim Youth can Use Technology to Boost Taqwa

Much like youngsters from all the different ethnicities, sects, religions, castes and colors around the world, the Muslim youth have found themselves get addicted to the charms and viles of technology. The young believers, from all spheres of life, can be seen hanging on to their smartphones, tablets, laptops and other handheld devices and gadgets for their dear lives. Whether you’ve made your way to a mosque to offer congregational Salah or you are strolling in a park, every youth member is seen glued to his/her digital gizmo without being even slightly concerned with what is happening in the surroundings.

The latest sensation that Pokemon Go is, our tech-savvy youth seem to be engaged in this video game based on augmented reality. With the ever-evolving technology landscape, creating so much of distractions for the exuberant youngsters, their minds, bodies and souls are gradually but surely getting deprived of the much needed nourishment that can help them lead productive lives.

Our Mighty Creator Allah (SWT) bestowed the blessing of intellect upon man and it was His facilitation that led to the utilization of intellect for astonishing inventions and discoveries. The human beings brought these inventions into use for performing everyday duties, solving problems and making life on earth a whole lot easier. The primary objective, in the hindsight for all this progress, was to prepare the carnal being for Akhirah, the life in the Hereafter! Let’s have a look at the ways Muslim youth can harness the powers generated by technology to boost their taqwa and spirit of gratitude.

1 – Spirit of Thankfulness


As discussed above, man has been able to utilize the intelligence and resources bestowed by Allah (SWT) to make advancements in science and technology. All the gadgets and gizmos that we see nowadays are a result of the amazing technological revolution that would have been impossible without divine guidance. Computers, smartphones, internet etc. are all the blessings of our Mighty Creator (SWT) and are all for the mankind to benefit from. On the day of the judgement, we shall all be questioned and held responsible for these blessings and favors. So, whenever we use smartphones and other wonderful technological inventions, we must do so with a spirit of gratitude and humbleness towards Allah (SWT).

2 – Invitation to the Truth


We are familiar with the fact that the modern day technological wonders can be used as great tools to carry out research and gather some very valuable information regarding a huge range of subjects. Similarly, these innovative tools can be brought into use by the Muslim youth to raise awareness among youth members from Islam and other religions and faiths about Deen-e-Islam. Social media, websites, web applications, smartphone applications etc. can be utilized for introducing others to the peaceful message of Islam and helping to clear all the misconceptions about our beautiful religion.

3 – Exercise Self-Restraint


Our youth have taken to technology like fish to water and can be seen glued to their smartphones, laptops and tablets unremittingly. This is precisely where they can resort to exercising self-restraint to avoid any kind of addiction or distraction that may lead them astray from leading their lives in accordance with the injunctions laid down by Islam. By learning to guide their thoughts and actions, they will be able to engage with technology in a positive manner. Moreover, the young Muslims need to lower their gaze even when using technology in order to attain the pleasure of Allah (SWT) in this world and in the hereafter.

4 – Fortitude in the Face of Temptation


Whenever you feel that you are being pressurised by your family members, societal norms, culture and friends to do something that is displeasing to Allah (SWT), you should stand firm in the face of temptation and avoid doing such an act which might bring the wrath of your mighty Creator (SWT) on you. You should talk to yourself and analyze how you are using technology. Whether you are spending your time on an aspect of technology that leads you away from a righteous way of living. Remember! Your digital footprint can prove to be a cause of concern on the day of judgement. So, you better be careful!

5 – Become an Ambassador of Islam


As a Muslim youth, you should know that you are an ambassador of Islam. Your conduct, behavior and way of living is closely monitored by the non-Muslims. You have to set an example for them so that they come to know about the peaceful message of Islam. Your every comment, like, tap or swipe should be made with an intention to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT). As an ambassador, you should invest your time and money in technology judiciously while ensuring that your actions and thoughts are in accordance with the injunctions of Islam.