7 Cultural Festivals in Muslim Countries That You Should Never Miss

7 Cultural Festivals in Muslim Countries That You Should Never Miss

The Muslim countries all over the world are rich in culture, history, tradition and art. Cultural festivities and celebrations are an important feature of any country’s folklore. Ranging From literary attractions including art exhibitions and book fairs to colourful music festivals and sports events, the Muslim countries around the world boast an enormous range of celebrations that can strike you dumbfounded with their vigour, attraction, flamboyance, uniqueness and fervour. Here we list down the top 7 cultural festivals perfect for experiencing the Muslim world.

1 – Rose Festival (Morocco)


Celebrated in the first week of May each year in the heavenly pink town of El-Kelaa M’Gouna (the Valley of Roses), tourists from all over the world participate in the festivities where a Rose Queen is elected to reign over the year’s scented crop.The annual Rose Festival boasts scrumptious food alongside traditional Berber music, dance, sword maneuvers and a parade of floral decorated floats strutting in the midst of rose perfumed streets with the nominees for Queen Rose embarked upon them wearing traditional head scarves decorated with bright colored velvety flowers and rose-garlands.

2 – Camel Wrestling Festival (Turkey)


A spectacle that dates back thousands of years, thousands of people gather to witness the camels battle each other out in the annual Selcuk Efes Camel Wrestling Festival in Turkey’s southern Aegean coast. First practised by Turkic tribes more than 2,400 years ago, the tactics include pushing for a retreat or getting a competitor’s head under a chest before sitting. The camels can also be seen to perform a foot trip.

3 – The International Festival for Drums and Traditional Arts (Egypt)


Held in Cairo every year, musical troupes from a number of countries participate in this one-of-a-kind festival. In the opening ceremony, all troupes come together in one performance During the event, traditional products representing diverse cultures are sold. The actual aim of the festival is to present a platform to the musicians to communicate with each and promoting a spirit of harmony among the participating countries. The musical troupes present colourful and breathtaking rhythmic dances and performances.

4 – Abu Dhabi Film Festival

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This festival showcases some of the most important cinematic works, originating from the Middle East and internationally. The festival is known for featuring and promoting some of the most successful films produced each year.

5 – Shandur Polo Festival


This is a traditional polo tournament that is held every year between the teams of Chitral and Gilgit on the highest polo ground of the world – The Shandur Pass. During the event, activities include folk music, folk dances and other competitions. A tent village along Shandur Lake is set up for the participants and the travellers. This festival constitutes a major tourist attraction in the country.

6 – Bali Spirit Festival


The Bali Spirit Festival helps you to recover from the hustle and bustle of life and revitalize your energies. It provides you an opportunity to build up your health rather than burn-out. The day is filled with Dharma Fair, while night offers variety of vendors who teach how to live healthier life and disseminate knowledge related to Reiki, Chakra balance and Cranial Sacral treatment. Tarot card readers and astrologists also form a critical attraction of this fest.

7 – Bon Odori Festival


This is an originally Japanese festival to which the Malaysians have taken a lot of fancy. In fact, it has become one of the largest Bon Odori celebrations outside Japan. The festival is held every year and lets you experience Japanese culture through its varied drinks, food, art, and dance.