7 European Destinations where Halal Food is Easy to Find

7 European Destinations where Halal Food is Easy to Find

Europe is a land of diversity where people from multifarious ethnicities, races, castes, religions and color reside in unison. With all the diversity around, finding halal food in the cities of Europe is still not an easy task to do. In this post, we are going to try and put together a guide for the Muslim believers so that when they visit these lovely, beautiful and adorable places, they know the halal food places where they can undergo an exhilarating culinary experience.

1 – Malta


When it comes to celebrating culture and sunshine, Malta is a an impressive destination situated in the Mediterranean. Malta, quite surprisingly for most of our readers, is a perfectly Muslim friendly holiday destination brimming with halal restaurants and food spots providing an unforgettable dining experience. Majority of the Halal restaurants and mosques are located in the region around Gzira, St. Julian’s and Valletta which is the capital of Malta. Millennium Kebab and Moo’s Kebab are a couple of Turkish restaurants located at Strands in Gzira which offer enticing Halal food. Ali Baba is another halal restaurant which offers Lebanese cuisine while St. Julian’s also houses a couple of restaurants which offer Arabic and Indian foods.

2 – Vienna


The marvelous and incredible city of Vienna is the capital of Austria which a magnificent blend of the old and new. The Opera House, Vienna Art House and Museum of Fine Arts are the go-to places for any visitor. Halal food is not difficult to find in Vienna which houses excellent halal restaurants such as Apadana, Halal Pizza & Kebab, Kent Restaurant etc. There are a number of mosques in Vienna some of which include Kuba Mosque, Hidaya Mosque, Islamic Centre Vienna etc.

3 – Budapest


The capital of Hungary, Budapest is home to plenty of halal food spots and boasts splendid attractions such as the Chain Bridge, the Buda Castle and much more. The halal restaurants in Budapest serve a selection of cuisines, ranging from Central Asian to Middle Eastern. Szeraj, Al-Amir, Antalya Kebab etc. are some of the restaurants in Budapest that serve halal food. One of the mosques is situated in the Hungarian Islamic Community.

4 – Rome


You can walk through the squares, explore historical monuments and do plenty of worthwhile stuff in the capital of Italy in addition to enjoying high quality halal food. There are about thirty mosques in the city while the Islamic Faith Centre is worth visiting. The Mosque of Rome is believed to be the largest in Europe. Himalayas Kashmir where Indian and Pakistani cuisine is served along with Chicken Hut are two of the many halal food spots in the city.

5 – Paris


The astounding capital of France, Paris needs no introduction. Paris offers a wide range of halal restaurants and mosques and is one of the most Muslim friendly cities out there in Europe. Out of almost a hundred halal eateries, Le Taj Mahal and Sahil specialize in a plethora of halal cuisines including kebabs and other grilled meats, crepes, tandoori chicken and rotis, couscous, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, halwa and even pizzas!

6 – Amsterdam


The capital of Netherlands which is home to bicycles, canals and bridges has a large Muslim community and lots of halal restaurants and places of worship. One of the most popular Halal restaurants in the city is Bazar Amsterdam offering a selection of dishes from salads to burgers and lunches. The Gandhi Restaurant in Amsterdam is an Indian restaurant which specializes in North Indian cuisine such as Chicken Tandoori and Chicken Tikka.

7 – Berlin


The largest city in Europe offers more than 60 restaurants and number of places of worship to the Muslim travellers. The ZamZam Restaurant in Berlin offers a wide variety of Indian and Pakistan food to the diners. The Ryan Chicken Fast Food outlet boast chicken wings, burgers, fries and nuggets on their menu while the Baraka Restaurant offer tantalizing Middle Eastern and Central Asian cuisine. Masjid Alfalah Berlin is a must visit mosque for the Muslim worshippers.