Muslim Mate – Seek the Pleasure of Your Creator

The apps market is proliferated with apps that bank on furnishing half-cooked solutions to the users and are not able to cater their needs to the fullest. This lack of diversity is particularly evident in Islamic apps which emphasize on provision of a limited number of features and fail to quench the thirst of users who are on the look out for apps encompassing a wide range of appetites. Muslim Mate is one such iOS app that aims at providing an exhaustive repository of Islamic knowledge, information and utilities to the believers in a single package.

The key drivers behind the development of Muslim Mate are Quality  and Extensiveness. It is the most comprehensive, detailed, authentic and extensive Islamic reference app available in the market that packs a power punch. Its development span is stretched over a period of two years during which our highly professional team of developers harnessed the incredible power of modern cutting edge technology to produce Muslim Mate. There is a great dearth of compatible alternatives with regard to Islamic apps in the market and Muslim Mate is like a breath of fresh air equipped with all the necessary high-end tools that can help Muslims lead their lives in accordance with the injunctions laid down by Islam.

In order to support the Muslims in leading a pious life seeking to attain the pleasure of Almighty Allah, Muslim Mate comes with tons of innovative features. All of these features are unique, detailed and inventive in their own right.

iPhone App Prayer Times

This feature provides access to accurate and reliable (past and future) prayer timings for any specified location. In addition, the users can also share monthly prayer schedules via variety of options. The feature comes integrated with plenty of customization options.

99 Names of Allah

The Holy 99 Names of Allah let you read them in Arabic along with their translations and transliterations. Audio recitations are also available in addition to audio settings that can enhance your experience of the app.

Qibla Direction

Wherever you are, whatever the time of the day it is, you can determine the accurate and precise direction, coordinates and angle of Qibla through our fantastic Qibla locator called as Qibla Direction

Zakat Calculator

This is a comprehensive module in Muslim Mate that can help you calculate your Zakat on your cash, savings, investments, jewellery and property with immaculate precision and accuracy. You can also choose the currency of your own choice.

Islamic Events

This feature allows the users to keep track of all the Islamic events with dates in terms of both Gregorian and Islamic calendars.

Greeting Cards

You can send personalized greeting cards to your loved ones on Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Ramadan and Hajj. You can also integrate your creative ideas in these e-cards.

Muslim Prayer Timings iPhone

The users can stay updated with prayer timings, daily verses, snooze etc. by setting up custom notifications.

Best Islamic App

The users can also stay updated with the expected weather conditions of their location for the upcoming prayers.

Quran Recitation Translation

The users can explore, read, listen and understand the Sacred Word of Allah by virtue of this exquisite feature. In addition to intensive Arabic options, translations and transliterations are also available in this feature while the users can also listen to the recitations of their own preference.

6 Kalmas

This feature enables the users to listen to the 6 Kalimas underpinning the fundamentals of Muslim faith and also to read them. Customization options are also available for this feature. Find out more about 6 Kalimas here.

Islamic/Halal Places

Want to find out where you can find out Halal meat in your surroundings? Or an Islamic bookstore? Or a mosque? Or an Islamic Educational institute? Islamic Places feature in Muslim Mate can help you out with this.

Ramadan Timings

The users can find out about the future and past Ramadan schedules and also share with their friends via this feature. The Ramadan schedules include sunrise, sehri and iftar timings.

Islamic Calendar

The users can view and share authentic Islamic lunar calendar by virtue of this feature. Moreover, they can also traverse through the past and future calendars.

Tasbih Counter

This feature allows the users to perform dhikr using this innovative digital Tasbih. Tap onto your device’s screen and the counter keeps incrementing automatically. It comes along with a variety of customization options as well.

6 Kalmas iPad App

Muslim Mate, being your trustworthy companion, brings to you daily verses from the Holy Quran to keep you motivated and encouraged. You can also do some tweaking around.

iPhone Islamic App - Today Widget

The iOS 8 comes with Notification Centre’s Today Widget so that the users can get a glimpse of their favourite apps without any delay. Access Qibla Direction, Prayer Timings & Daily Verse from Today Widget.