This is a digital copy of the Holy Quran which the users can use to explore and read the Holy Scriptures while concomitantly listening to the recitations. Utmost care has been pursued to ensure accuracy, authenticity and precision in the Quranic text. This portable copy of the Holy Scriptures can be used by anyone on­the­go and it has a lot of interesting features to render your experience spiritually much more rewarding.


The users can navigate to the Surah, Ayah or Juz of their own choice using these options.


This feature assists the users in retrieving the last read position for future reference purposes.

Daily Verse

Muslim Mate shares with you a daily verse from the Noble Quran for your spiritual growth, upbringing and encouragement.

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The Al Quran feature in Muslim Mate comes with an extensive built­in search engine. Once a specific word is entered in the search box, the users can get a list of all the verses containing it along with the Surahs they belong to. Similarly, the app allows the users to enter Arabic text using the Arabic keyboard available in iOS.


You can listen to mesmerizing recitations of the Holy Quran using this feature. It comes with a number of audio settings:

  • Adjust the audio levels of the recitation using the slider bar
  • Keep your device’s screen while recitation is being played
  • Get the page automatically scrolled to ensure that the text being recited is properly viewed on the screen
  • Choose whether the recitations are played continuously or stopped at the end of a Surah, Juz or Verse respectively
  • Select the number of times any Verse, Surah or Juz is to be repeated
  • Choose the reciter of your own preference
  • Download recitations in the voice of their favorite reciters. Recitations from a particular reciter can be downloaded Surah by Surah as well

Al Quran Settings

In addition, the Al Quran feature in Muslim Mate includes these customization options for the users:

  • Specify the style/script, font and font size of the Arabic Quran text
  • Select the language and font size of transliteration. Moreover, transliteration can be triggered on and off as well
  • Similar to transliteration options, choose the language/author and font size of the translation
  • Manually configure the notification timings for the Daily Verse feature. It can be switched on and off as per the user’s discretion