Muslim Mate endeavors to assist the Muslims in leading a life style in strict adherence to the principles of Islam. In order to help them perform their religious duties with devotion, it offers a number of simple yet very useful tools that can be of great assistance in leading a happy and prosperous Islamic life. Alarms and reminders is a fine feature in this regard. An alarm allows a user to specify a sound file to play when the notification is launched while when a reminder is displayed to the user, a simple tap on the device’s screen launches the application. Following Alarms and Reminders are available in Muslim Mate:

Prayer Timings Alarms

A user is provided several options for these alarms:

  • Trigger the alarm for any specific Prayer On and Off
  • Manually adjust the alarm time for a certain prayer (the alarm can either be set to be played at the actual time of prayer or at an offset time before or after the prayer)
  • Select the sound of the alarm manually from a number options such as No Sound, Short Beep, Classic Alarm or Adhan in the voice of a famous Moazin
  • Set the snooze time duration manually or switch it On/Off
  • Time remaining in alarm is displayed

Multiple Prayer Timings Alarms

Multiple alarms can be set up for prayer timings by tapping on to the small alarm tab next to the time of prayer on the home screen and turning the alarm on in the Alarm Settings page. This can be done for all the prayers.

Daily Verse

The users can set up the custom time for the Daily Verse reminder.

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