Greeting cards are an extremely effective solution to showing your friends, relatives and near and dear ones how much you love them, you care for them and that they are always in your prayers whether congregational, familial or individual. Even if a distance of several thousand miles separates you from your loved ones, greeting cards help you portray your feelings of love and affection towards them. Muslim Mate is a comprehensive Islamic reference app that helps you stay in touch with your friends by virtue of greeting cards. This exciting feature has loads to offer to the users of Muslim Mate:

4 Different Occasions

Muslim Mate lets you send greeting cards to your dear ones on four different occasions of eminence in Islam: Eid al­Fitr, Eid al­Adha, Ramadan and Hajj.

Ready­Made Templates

The greeting cards feature in Muslim Mate comes with a number of simple yet beautifully decorated and exquisitely embellished cards that are adorned with attractive and colorful images, textures and calligraphy.

Personalized Greeting Cards

This option enables the users to infuse their own creativity and innovation in the cards and tailor them according to their own preference. The users can place text anywhere on the card using a number of inbuilt formatting options available in the app.

Do you want to know exact prayer timings?

Download our app Muslim Mate that accurately calculates prayer timings which will help you in never missing any prayer.

Al Quran Settings

To share your greeting cards, you can choose any social media you want. Be it Facebook, Twitter or even electronic mail. You can even save the card as an image file for future reference or use in some other image editing software, assign it to someone in your contact list, copy it or even get it printed!