This is your one­stop portal if you desire to stay updated with all the events of historical significance in Islam. This feature portrays Islamic events in accordance with the months of the lunar calendar. Be it 14th Rabi’ l, the date of Death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); construction of Masjid­e­Quba the first Masjid in Islam on 15th Rabi’ l; or conquest of Makkah on 20th of Ramadan! If you are a student of Islamic history and want to keep track of all the events of importance, then this feature will not only help you in this regard but will also assist you in enhancing your knowledge of the history of Islam. Let’s see what other options are available with this feature:

Future and Past Islamic Years

The users can choose any past or future year using this option and Muslim Mate will show the relevant Islamic events for that year!

Gregorian and Islamic Calendar

Along with the dates pertaining to the Islamic Lunar Calendar, Islamic Events feature in Muslim Mate comes with dates in Gregorian calendar as well.

All Events versus Important Events Only

You can toggle between these options and choose to see either all events or the important Islamic events only.

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