Are you searching for a place to get halal meat from? Or do you want to get access to an Islamic bookstore in your neighborhood? Or you happen to be in an alien town and you are looking for a mosque in your surroundings to offer your congregational prayers in? The mini encyclopaedia of Islamic knowledge and information ­ Muslim Mate ­ has got all fronts covered up for you. Searching for hubs of Islamic activity is not a problem any more. With the Islamic Places feature in Muslim Mate, the users can locate any Islamic place of interest near them, be it an educational institution, clothing store, cultural centre, butcher shop, mosque etc.


The Islamic Places feature provides the following options to the users:

  • List of nearby centres of Islamic activity
  • Embedded Google maps highlighting the pathway to the desired place
  • Aerial and road distance to the selected Islamic place
  • Customized search radius for Islamic places

Do you want to know exact prayer timings?

Download our app Muslim Mate that accurately calculates prayer timings which will help you in never missing any prayer.