Muslim Mate is the most comprehensive, sophisticated and advance Islamic reference app available in the app market. The app sports a lot of innovative features meant to support the Muslim community in performing their religious duties earnestly. Prayer Timings is one of such features which provides accurate and reliable location-centric prayer timings that can assist the believers in establishing Salah in accordance with the injunctions laid down in Islam. Let’s get to know in detail what this feature has to offer:

Hyperlocal Prayer Timings

By default, Muslim Mate detects the current location of the app automatically and portrays the prayer timings associated with it. The users can get to know the prayer timings of any geographic location of their choice. All one has to do is to type in the custom location in the search box and the app automatically displays the prayer timings for that location. The app features embedded Google Maps to search and explore locations all over the globe.

Gregorian and Islamic Calendars

Prayer timings can be displayed in relevance to Gregorian solar calendar as well as Islamic lunar calendar (also known as Hijri calendar).

Past and Future Dates

Muslim Mate maintains a comprehensive archive of the prayer timings for the past dates. Similarly, based upon its high-end predictive algorithms, the users can also find out the prayer timings for the dates in the near or distant future as well.

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Printable Prayer Timetable

Another distinctive feature included in Muslim Mate is that the users can get the monthly prayer schedule printed. Moreover, the users can select the starting date of timetable and also opt for the inclusion of sunrise timings in the timetable as well.

Sharing the Prayer Timetable

A number of sharing options are available in Muslim Mate. The users can share the prayer timetable via AirDrop feature in iOS, Email, Twitter and Facebook. Other options include Save Image, Assign to Contact and Copy.

Custom Settings

The Prayer Timings feature in Muslim Mate allows the users a number of varying options to customize it in line with their individual preference and regional settings.