Have you ever been at a loss in determining the direction of Qibla for establishing Salah? Ever been in travel and felt out of sorts in ascertaining the direction to face while offering prayers? Facing the Qibla is one of the conditions of a prayer being valid and failing to meet this condition ­ when one is able to do so ­ renders the prayer invalid. But with Qibla Direction feature in Muslim Mate, you’ll always get the precise direction of Qibla, no matter wherever you are and whatever time of the day or night it is!


This feature presents a wide range of information concerning the accurate direction of Qibla:

  • Automatic detection of the user’s current location
  • Coordinates (latitude and longitude) of your current location
  • The angle of Qibla in degrees
  • The angle of user’s device to Qibla

Do you want to know exact prayer timings?

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