Muslims all over the world keep fast during the Holy month of Ramadan. It is one of the five fundamentals of Islam. During this sacred month, the Muslims refrain from eating and drink from dawn till dusk and abstain from impure thoughts and bad behaviour. Muslim Mate has something to offer to the believers with regard to this pillar of Islam as well. Here’s what this feature has in store for you:

Past and Future Ramadan Timings

The users can learn about the Ramadan timings of the past and future years. The timings include Sehri time, Iftar time and sunrise time.

Gregorian and Lunar Calendar

The Ramadan timings for a certain year are displayed in Muslim Mate in relevance with the Islamic Lunar and Gregorian Calendars.


The believers can share Ramadan Timings with their friends and loved ones via Facebook, Twitter and email. Other options include saving the schedule as an image file, assigning it to someone in your contact list, copying it or even getting it printed!

Do you want to know exact prayer timings?

Download our app Muslim Mate that accurately calculates prayer timings which will help you in never missing any prayer.