It is encouraged that every Muslim should perform dhikr to Allah, to extol his Mighty Creator and to glorify His Mighty Name. Muslim Mate brings this wonderful digital version of the Tasbih for the Muslims. This is an extremely effective tool that can help you in remembering Allah every time at any place. You can increment a count with a tap on your device’s screen and even keep a history of your recitations. The digitized Tasbih comes integrated with a number of customization features:

Tasbih Type

The users can choose, add and delete the Tasbih type of their own choice such as Verse/Surah, Allah’s Name, Durood, Kalima, general etc.

Add New Tasbih

Custom title, target, step size and Tasbih type can be attributed to any newly added Tasbih by the user.

Do you want to know exact prayer timings?

Download our app Muslim Mate that accurately calculates prayer timings which will help you in never missing any prayer.