Muslim Mate 2.0 is All Set to Conquer iOS 9 and Apple Watch

Muslim Mate 2.0 is All Set to Conquer iOS 9 and Apple Watch

We are thrilled to announce that with the release of iOS 9, Muslim Mate 2.0 is all geared up and ready. Support for the awesome iOS 9 features has been integrated into Muslim Mate while the app is now also available for the Apple Watch. In addition, an entirely new section called “Hisnul Muslim” has also been augmented into the most comprehensive Islamic reference app around.   Here’s what these new features are all about on Muslim Mate 2.0, available on the iTunes Store:

Available for Apple Watch

  Now, you can access some of the stunningly exciting features of Muslim Mate on your gorgeous Apple Watch:
  • Hijri and Gregorian Dates
  • Time remaining in the next prayer
  • Prayer Timings for future and past dates
  • Islamic Places with embedded Google Maps
  • Digital version of Tasbih

Compatibility with iOS 9

  Muslim Mate is now fully compatible with the recently arrived iOS 9. Fixes and improvements have been made specifically for iOS 9. We’d appreciate to hear what you think about them!  

Hisnul Muslim

  Hisnul Muslim known as the citadel of the believers is a comprehensive book of prayers and invocations for the faithful which can be recited on a number of occasions as one carries out the day-to-day business of life. These supplications come with transliterations and translations as well.   Do share with us your experience with Muslim Mate 2.0: Your ultimate Islamic resource to a blissful Islamic lifestyle.